Right, Left...Wrong!

I realized something a long time ago and am just know getting around to sharing this with you all...far left or far right is the same thing. They both have agendas that are not centered on Jesus Christ.

Specifically, those who are Christians (or "spiritual" people of every religious stripe) who lean a bit to the left, and seem to chafe at the "Moral Majority" (who is NOT really the Majority) wanting to impose their religious beliefs on government involvement, are guilty of the same.

I listen to people, whom I admire, such as Bono, Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne and a few others, and they want the government to spend more money on social programs, forgive debts, force employers to provide everything from a "living wage" to insurance benefits. They believe this a moral obligation for the U.S. Govt. Yet...

They hate it when those who are more to the "right" want prayer to be allowed in schools again, the 10 Commandments to be allowed to be displayed in halls of Justice, for Nativity scenes to be allowed on Public Property. Both sides seem to forget something, and that is...what Jesus said.

He said to give to Caesar (government) what belongs to him...nothing more, nothing less. This means taxes (as much as I hate taxes!), respect to "Caesar's" authority when it comes to those who protect and serve (police, fire fighters and the military).

I listen to people, whom I admire, such as David Jeremiah, John MacArthur and a few others, and they want the government to be a Theocracy, an entity with God as it's monarch. As much as this would be great...it is not possible. Mainly because, the "God" they want to be in control agrees with them...ON EVERYTHING! They believe America is in a moral decline because we, as a nation, have forgotten God. I believe America is in a moral decline because the Church has been and is lazy.

To those on the left: It is the Church's job to provide funding for the "least of these", not the government. Government providing the way we have known, is an invention of the 20th Century...therefore not part of the original plan by our Founding Fathers. Start holding the CHURCH accountable by:

1) Not building freakin' $100 million buildings to meet in - these buildings on average are used about 20 hours a week...what the heck is that all about anyway?!?
2) Be frugal with any and all expenditures, i.e., say NO to $30,000.00 Youth budgets and YES to brothers & sisters who are about to have their electricity turned off or have their car repossessed or their house is in foreclosure.

To those on the right: It is the government's job to provide freedom for the Church to worship, and not at the expense of people who do not believe the way we do. Our Founding Fathers were Christians, no question about that...but we live in different times. They had no idea the "American experiment" would succeed, so they had no way of providing a way to deal specifically with what we deal with today. Start holding the CHURCH accountable by:

1) see number one above.
2) Teaching your children (if they go to public schools) that NO ONE can really stop themfrom praying at school. I mean, really. Communist China hasn't been able to stop their people from praying. Just because the teacher cannot lead a prayer time...stop whining and teach your children to pray. Period.
3) Why all the fuss about the 10 Commandments? Let's be honest...most Christians are selective about which ones of the 10 they keep anyway.
4) Keep Jesus in your heart, not a plastic version with a light inside, lying in a cardboard manger. Besides, everyone (even those who are not followers of Jesus) knows that He wasn't born in December anyway!

When the Church stops being cry-babies and moves forward with the work her Lord commanded, then we can all get along and everyone will have everything they need and truly wait upon the Lord's return and everything will then be made new.

Think about it.

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