The Language of Love & Respect by Emmerson Eggerichs

When I saw this book available to review as a Thomas Nelson Book Blogger Review option, I was very, very happy. Having read his book, "Love and Respect", I eagerly awaited another book from him along the same lines. This title is a re-release of "Cracking the Communication Code", and was repackaged for reasons unknown to me. I was pleased to see Eggerichs delve deeper into the intricate dynamics of the male-female relationship, specifically marriage. He uses some great anecdotal material from couples he has counseled as well some great metaphors and similes to really help you understand. One of my favorites is the use of "Blue Hearing Aids/Pink Hearing Aids" to show how we hear things differently based on our gender wiring. It gives new meaning to "he said/she said". I highly recommend this book to newly engaged couples as well as married old timers. The Biblical model of Ephesians chapter 5 is continued as the example for married couples to truly Love & Respect each other as God commanded.

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