Jumping the Gun

So I have a friend on a social network site that reads my blog on that site all the time. I had posted at the end "what I am reading right now" as the Donald Miller book, "Blue Like Jazz".

Her response was, "Blue Like Jazz...pffttt."

She then posted a link for me to check out...it ended up being a "Salem Witch Hunt" site for anyone who even appears to be "emergent"...whatever that means.
I know what "emergent" means, as I am also aware of the divergent views amongst those who consider themselves as "emergent"...which goes to show that you can't nail down a specific definition or criterion.

On a previous post of mine, I outline the different "perspectives" that I have. Some would tell me, "Make up your mind...what are you?" I'm Batman...

But seriously, I refuse to wear a label, a nametag. I wore one my whole life being a part of a denomination. Labels are man-made...my mark of who I am is like the story about Jesus -

Someone came to Jesus and asked if they should pay taxes to Rome. He asked to see a coin and then asked, "Whose image is on this coin?" They replied, "Caesar's." He then said, "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God."

We are told that man was created in God's image. That means that God's imprimatur is upon man, His "image is on" us. Therefore, we should give to God what is God's...us.

So, with the "Witch Hunt" site I mentioned, I heard nothing but anger, vitriole and harshness...sounds like the person who wrote the article needs to return to the School of Christ. Yes we are called to judge righteous judgement, but not SELF-Righteous judgement.

Think about it.

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