Let Those Who Have Ears

A prophetic cry has gone out to those within the Kingdom of God since the beginning:

“Listen up! Why won’t you listen? God gave you ears, yet you refuse to listen! Hearing and listening are not the same thing, just as seeing and understanding are not the same thing. I have a message for you and in turn, you must go to the world.”

There are those who claim to be prophets, and then there are those who are prophets and may not realize it. Unfortunately the word “prophet” has been given a meaning that is only partially true. Most of the time it is used to describe someone who can foretell the future...but if we look at the Biblical prophets, most of them didn’t “forthsee” that often. Most of their messages were to the people of God, to as my Dad used to say, “straighten up and fly right”! Limiting the spiritual gift of prophecy to merely foretelling the future is like limiting the spiritual gift of healing to only healing people who are blind.

The word translated as “prophet”, in the Hebrew & Greek languages, merely means “mouth piece” or “one who speaks in behalf of another”. We find that Paul tells us that the gift of prophecy is one of the gifts we should earnestly desire, among some others (1 Cor. 12:31), but then he tells us that he wants to show a more excellent way of using spiritual gifts...always in love.

A prophetic message should always be seasoned with the salt of love. Sometimes it is for an individual, like when the man stepped forward and showed Paul that he would be apprehended and imprisoned. Sometimes it is for a local group of followers of Jesus, like most of Paul’s letters. But then, there is the time when the tenor of the message is for the whole Body of Christ, which is like the Bible as a whole.

Most of Jesus prophetic words were spoken for the entire Church; The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), His parables, His scathing, yet needed words for the religious establishment, the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 25). Whenever there was a need for words to be spoken, Jesus (at the prompting of His Father) would speak them. All too often, we take it upon on ourselves to speak because we “feel led”, when in fact, we just want to be heard. Our view is the correct one (we think) and so everyone else should know it, too.

I have been guilty of this very thing. Thankfully, I never write it for others to see/read/hear unless I am ABSOLUTELY sure that it is for public consumption. To move or speak without God’s “thumbs up” can only do damage, while at the same time, to NOT move or speak when God says to can only mean that we are being disobedient to Him and, therefor, someone is not hearing what they need to hear.
Speaking in behalf of God is a sobering and humbling thing. It is not to be taken lightly nor is it a task to be ignored.

I claim no connection to the Lord that hasn't been available to those in the past nor to anyone listening. I just know that beyond the shadow of a doubt that I hear Him when He speaks and then do as I'm told. My sinfulness will arise and then I cannot hear Him above the din and end up writing some stupid crap. You would not believe how many notes/blogs I have written that have never been seen by anyone, not even my wife. Like I said...if it becomes clear that it's just me, then I know that no one will gain anything from it.

Listen to Him...if you get quiet you can hear Him. Turn off the tv, the computer, the iPod, the radio, the cd player. Shut out the talk shows, the blogs, the newspapers and magazines. Sit quietly and listen...you may be surprised what you can hear.

Feeding 5,000+

People had come from miles around to hear Him, to catch a glimpse of Him, to possibly even touch Him or have Him touch them or the sick loved one they brought. His students asked Him to dismiss the crowd, after all it was starting to get late in the day, time for supper. They thought they were being compassionate, thinking about the approaching darkness and how hungry they themselves were. The people needed ample time to get something to eat and then make their way home.

But then He said, "Why don't you guys give them something to eat?" One replied that they didn't have enough cash to feed them all...even what they did have in the company purse wouldn't be enough for everyone to even get a crumb of bread. Then one of them came to Him with a young boy and his food basket; 5 personal-sized loaves of barley bread and 2 small salted & cured lake carp. He smiled and prayed silently, "Father...this is more than enough for You to feed them."

Jesus took the small amount provided and fed 5,000+ people. We are told that there were 5,000 men, besides women and children, so at least 10,000 were present...and had their hunger assuaged. Amazing.
Amazing that Jesus told His students to feed them; amazing that Andrew had the nerve to bring a small lunch to Jesus thinking that He could do something with it; amazing that He did do something with it; amazing that we can participate in such a miracle today. With very little we can join others in providing food and clean water as well as the ultimate gift of salvation to people all over the world...even next door.

If we just move forward in faith, doing the right thing, God will bless it. In Matthew 25:40, Jesus gives us a mandate to feed, provide drink, clothing, and love through relationships to anyone in need and equates doing so as having done it to Him. How many of us would turn a blind eye to giving Jesus a cup of cool water or a sandwich or new shoes or holding His hand in the hospital or friendship while in prison?

Don't answer that with words...answer with action.